My joke repositories

I’m also really proud of some of my less serious creations:


This is also an NPM library.

This library will export a single function that does 2 things: first it will position the HTML <body> element under the <head>. Then, in order to be more visible, it will also rotate your page upside down.

If anyone does not know why it works like this, that was the fate of the infamous italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

Magical Translator

This is also an NPM library.

This is beyond stupid: it ‘translates’ in chinese and spanish automagically. I wanted to add australian but it didn’t look good. While it’s really childish, I learned how to extract all of the text nodes out of a web page.

A friend of mine suggested me to add Japanese, and I will do that soon enough.


This is also an NPM library.

Being a huge Simpsons fan, I created this library that will simply show a funny reference to a Simpsons episode when the user writes KWYJIBO or HOMER or FROOD on the keyboard (simply by pressing the keys while the page is on focus).

It’s even on this website.

Biblical PI

This is also an NPM library.

According to the bible the value of PI is 3. Simply by using this library one can follow this rule and set Math.PI to 3. No idea of the consequences, but hell should not be one of those.

Dr Foo js

This is also an NPM library.

Modeled after a friend (Marco) that makes weird noises to describe CSS animations, this library will add sounds to your animations! I really ought to replace the current sound with the real recordings.

Worst restaurant

Sadly a dead project (one of many).

I really wanted to create a webpage that could suggest the worst restaurant according to reviews found on websites such as Tripadvisor or Google (the most used here in Italy). But the first one does not expose APIs, and the second one limits the number of surrounding places available to 20 for each location, and are therefore useless.

I did the website anyway using data from Yelp, but in Italy it has so few reviews from locals that it’s almost useless.