Who Am I

I’m Luca, a guy born in 1988 that became a developer in 2016. Before that, I worked as a salesman in Decathlon, a French retail chain that sells sporting goods. Also, I have a Bachelor degree in Biotechnologies and love to make puns. I don’t like to brag too much, but I’m the best person I know in crafting bad jokes and puns out of the air during a conversation.

I’ve chosen the astronaut icon since I’ve lately become interested in knowing how to try to go work at ESA. Don’t know why, since it never was my lifelong dream, but something has changed lately.

I’m currently working at Accurat, a really fun place to work with a lot of funny and smart people. They keep me there mostly because of my aforementioned jokes, the fact that I’m always there to play beach volley/drink beer and as a fullstack developer with ambitions of datascience.

I like to code mostly for 2 reasons: being able to solve new and interesting problems and being able to think of something and know how to create it. These two things sum up to at least 90% of the good part of the developer job, in my opinion (not counting the people you work with).

I’m not a fan of learning multiple languages, therefore I’ve learned and know quite well Python and Javascript (plus CSS if it counts), and I know enough PHP, Ruby, Julia and R to use them, but I usually don’t. I would love to learn Julia better, but at the same time I always find myself going back to Python since I already know how to do stuff with it.

Since I used to study Biotechnologies (actually, I might finish my Master’s Degree sooner or later) I also find Molecular Dynamics incredibly interesting, and would really love to be able to apply my knowledge in that field again sometimes in the future.

I have a strange relationship with mountains: I love to go and step on them, even going on their head to feel better then them; but then I also love to hug them to keep them close to me while climbing (and again step on their head once got to the top).